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Update 2014:Merida BIG NINE, custom build

Kross Level B9
Update 2013: KROSS LEVEL B9
Update 2012: Magellan Pyxis Team 2010 – This seasons weapon. 2 years work (Frame FOR SALE)
Update 2011: In that year all i had from the bike, was this; hopefully soon i will have a new ride, for racing. I will keep the RAM for practicing. As soon as the bike is ready i will post the pictures.
My fitness bike from scrap, 1×9 speed – modified to SS city bike – Sold
Ram HT 3 (Montzee) – slightly modified – Sold her
The good old Radon. Sold him.
Old school Gazelle from Holland, slightly modified. SOLD
2008 Kona Coilair (SOLD) and my dog Koby.